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Rudolph - Class BBishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr.
A Biographical Sketch

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr., was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at the tender age of five, preached his first sermon at the age of seven while standing on a chair, and at the age of eleven, formally became a licensed minister.  Rudolph won the denomination’s National Oratorical Contest and was summoned to the world headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, to be ordained at the age of sixteen at the hand of the late Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.  For the past twenty years, he has served in pastoral ministry and is currently the pastor of both the Calvary Church Of God In Christ and the Davis Memorial Church Of God In Christ.  He has earned both his undergraduate and graduate education and is a recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Divinity.  In addition to being a Fellow for the Center of the Study of the Presidency, Rudolph has now been in a career which spans two decades of service in the areas of politics and government, from conducting research and speechwriting as a clerk for the Arkansas Legislature to being a Special Assistant to the Governor of Arkansas.  Since 2003, he has been happily married to the lovely, Lady Michelle Parham Rudolph who supports his ministry wholeheartedly.

After serving as the Executive Secretary and the youngest Administrative Assistant to his retiring prelate and mentor, Bishop D. L. Lindsey; Rudolph was reappointed Secretary of the Arkansas Second Jurisdiction and promoted as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the incoming prelate, Bishop Frank J. Anderson, Jr.  He was also appointed Superintendent of the New Day District.  In addition to these responsibilities, he was the Administrative Assistant to the interim prelate of the Arkansas Third Jurisdiction and distinguished member of the denomination’s General Board, Bishop George D. McKinney.  Rudolph continues to assist the current prelate of that jurisdiction, Bishop Joe B. Mason, as the Superintendent of the Rehoboth District. 

In 2007, upon the recommendation of the Adjutant General, Bishop Matthew Williams, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake appointed Rudolph as the Scribe of the National Adjutancy and an Adjutant Overseer. In this capacity, he has assisted the Presiding Bishop and members of the General Board as they have guided more than sixty-five jurisdictions with the intimate details of the national home going celebrations of bishops and actively assisted the interim prelate with the day to day operations of the jurisdiction until a new prelate was named. Additionally, he has assisted in the consecration of bishops and has been given the distinct honor of announcing the apostolic procession at ceremonies across the country and the world.  Due to his faithfulness to the former General Secretary, the late Elder A. Z. Hall, Jr., Rudolph was appointed by the current General Secretary, Bishop Joel H. Lyles, Jr., as the Assistant General Secretary/Records & Archives for the Church Of God In Christ, Inc.   In this position, he is responsible for the maintenance of the denomination’s archives.

On April 7, 2014, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake recommended that Rudolph be appointed to the episcopacy.  By unanimous consent, the General Board accepted this recommendation and the General Assembly of the denomination formally ratified the appointment.  Rudolph was elected President of the Historic 2014 Episcopal Class by his peers which was the largest class of Bishops to be consecrated at one time in the history of the church.  On November 9, 2014, he was formally consecrated to the sacred office of Bishop during the 107th International Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ held in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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